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COVID-19 and cybersecurity: towards more automation of cybersecurity processes?

Covid 19 surprised the world, didn’t it? The economic consequences have been severe for many individuals and companies. We, SIDIBE GROUP, would like to share our compassion with them.

We have confidence in the resilience of human beings, and their ability to reinvent themselves. Speaking of reinvention, the internet is a great help.

We want to talk about the use of the internet to distract oneself in these times of confinement, we also want to talk about remote shopping and we want to talk about the internet for working with Telework.

This means a large presence of the people on internet networks, thus an expansion of the surfaces of bad guys’ attack. As it is always the case in information security, Cyber Security professionals should deal with several needs to be met jointly.

A need for security: Tighten controls by strengthening existing ones and/or adding additional control perimeters. A need for business: Maintain the comfort of human- machine interaction. To balance these two needs in each of the many cases around the world, Cyber Security professionals will need to be more creative in integrating artificial intelligence where possible and automating certain tasks.

We, SIDIBE GROUP, are proud at our level to have designed tools that automate risk analysis and management as well as assessing an organization’s maturity in Cyber Security.



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