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Frequent Questions

How are solutions provided?

On premise solution: As soon as a solution is purchased, you receive the solution in the email box that you provided. You have just to execute it on any terminal you have choosen.

Cloud SaaS solution: As soon as you purchase a solution, you receive in your email box the details needed to access to your solution into the dedicated space of your organization. 

Where data is stored?

For the Cloud SaaS version, data is stored into Google secured infrastructure. Google is one of the top secured and strong infrastructures environments.

For the on premise version, data is stored on your own terminal and is covered by your own corporate security.

Who manage the access to the application and the data?

The access management is under your control.

For the Cloud SaaS version, you are given the administration privilege. So you give access to authorized user.

SIDIBE GROUP has no access to data.

For the On premise version, since application is downloaded on your terminal, you give access to authorized user.

SIDIBE GROUP has no access to the on premise application and data as soon as you get the application.

How SIDIBE GROUP’s solutions are different from other apps in the acquisition and utilization?

You receive the SIDIBE GROUP’s solution in the email box as soon as the purchase is completed online.

No need technology skills to use SIDIBE GROUP’s solutions.

When can customer use the application when purchased?

Immediately. As soon as the purchase is completed, you receive the On premise application or the link of the Cloud SaaS application in the email box you indicated.

Are SIDIBE GROUP’s solutions usable on a mobile, tablet, IPhone, IPad…?

Yes. SIDIBE GROUP’s solutions are usable on any terminal that supports Excel

Do Microsoft, Linux, other OS support SIDIBE GROUP’s solutions?

Yes. Any OS that support Excel supports SIDIBE GROUP’s solutions.

How do SIDIBE GROUP's solutions work?

User fill a questionnaire of a few questions and results are provided automatically and immediately thanks to powerful algorithms. 

BIRMA: Dashboards and detailed risks scenarios for business and for IT, Controls for business, IT, and Cloud, also Cultural adaptation are provided.

BISA: Level of maturity of the organization regarding cyber security is provided for each Cyber security control and for each Cyber security domain.

// We Carry More Than Just Good Cyber Security Skills

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