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Code of ethic

SIDIBE GROUP provides The SIDIBE GROUP Code of Ethics and Business Conduct to its employees worldwide for their guidance in addressing the legal and ethical issues they encounter in conducting SIDIBE GROUP business. Employment by SIDIBE GROUP is subject to the terms and conditions established by your local organization. As part of those terms and conditions, you are required to abide by the standards set forth in this Code. This Code is not a contract, and no contract is implied. If any part of this Code conflicts with applicable law, the law will prevail. SIDIBE GROUP may interpret the Code in its sole discretion. This Code is the property of SIDIBE GROUP and should be returned to SIDIBE GROUP if you leave the company.

SIDIBE GROUP has established its position of leadership throughout the world in providing state of the art business information security, products and services. At the same time, we are determined to meet high moral and ethical standards in performing our work at every level of our organization and in every location in which we operate. The SIDIBE GROUP Code sets forth SIDIBE GROUP’s standards of ethics and business conduct and has been prepared to aid you as you go about your daily work. It has been translated into several different languages and is being distributed to each SIDIBE GROUP employee worldwide. Although we operate in many countries and are subject to many different rules, regulations, customs and practices, we can only succeed if we adhere to a common set of values and standards. It is essential that all employees worldwide have a personal commitment to meeting these standards because SIDIBE GROUP’s success and reputation depend upon the performance of each of its employees. Consequently, the SIDIBE GROUP Code is applicable to all SIDIBE GROUP employees worldwide, and we use “SIDIBE GROUP” throughout to refer to SIDIBE GROUP Corporation and each of its subsidiaries. The SIDIBE GROUP Code starts with a summary of the core business values that are essential to SIDIBE GROUP’s success. We expect each SIDIBE GROUP employee to adopt these values in their day-to-day business activities. Widespread adherence to these values will enhance our long-term success by improving our ability to serve customers, by increasing our competitiveness and by promoting our pride at being part of the SIDIBE GROUP team. The phrases used to describe these values may change, but these concepts will remain the foundation of SIDIBE GROUP. The SIDIBE GROUP Code then describes the behavior expected of SIDIBE GROUP employees when interacting with each other, with other companies, and with the societies, cultures and governments that make up the world in which we operate. Specifically, it addresses three areas:

Compliance with Laws and Regulations: Our responsibility to abide by the laws that apply to our business wherever we operate. Business Conduct: Our obligation to conduct internal and external business fairly and ethically. Relationships: Our responsibility to interact fairly and respectfully with each other, our customers and suppliers, and our host communities.

The SIDIBE GROUP Code is intended to supplement, not replace, the SIDIBE GROUP Employee Handbook and any policies established by SIDIBE GROUP. The standards set forth here also supplement and may go well beyond mere compliance with laws and regulations. Many of these standards simply restate common sense rules by which we all should be determined to live and work. SIDIBE GROUP requires you to become intimately familiar with the contents of this Code and to apply these standards to your daily working lives. Failure to comply with the guidelines stated here will result in appropriate disciplinary action. You should feel free to raise any questions or issues regarding The SIDIBE GROUP Code to your manager. These standards cannot anticipate every situation which may pose an ethical or moral issue. We expect each SIDIBE GROUP employee to exercise sound judgment when evaluating an issue of conduct and, if in doubt, to seek counseling prior to taking any action which may compromise either personal ethical standards or those of SIDIBE GROUP. These guidelines are but a start. What counts is how we follow through at every level.