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// Business information risk manager

BIRMA ensures :


Data are viewed and handled only by the authorized end-user). Your BIRMA SaaS data is stored on a dedicated space of Google infrastructure. Google infrastructure is one of the top secured infrastructures. Your BIRMA on-premise is covered by your own corporate security. Input and output data are secured (data are only hosted locally on end-user's computer.


BIRMA complies with the best standards and the best practices (ISO 27001, ISO 27002, ISO 27005, COBIT, CMMI, NIST, and PCI-DSS).


Whatever your business strategy and your organisation culture, BIRMA is for you. You want to secure the information of one or several business areas; BIRMA is for you.


Should your business strategy be ongoing or to come, BIRMA is for you. BIRMA addresses the business areas you choose. BIRMA is a solution for small, medium and big businesses. End-users of BIRMA are both business professionals and information security professionals.


Just complete the questionnaire form. And the solution delivers to you a dashboard of the information security in your organization and an information security strategy aligned on your business strategy and adapted to your organisation culture.


Innovation BIRMA is the first solution in the world to provide an information security aligned with your business strategy and adapted to your organisation culture.


Web version in Cloud is hosted in Google data center into a dedicated space for your organization. As soon as you order BIRMA, you receive in your email box the details needed to access to your BIRMA into the dedicated space of your organization.

On premise

On-premise version is covered by your own corporate security. Data are only hosted locally on end-user's computer. As soon as BIRMA is ordered, you receive the solution in the email box that you provided. You have just to execute it on any terminal you have chosen.

2On premise
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Business information risk manager

Business information risk manager (BIRMA) is developed after our patented method. So BIRMA is the first tool in the world that provides a security strategy aligned with the business and adapted to organization culture.

BIRMA provides:
  • A risk analysis report through a dashboard that shows the state of your business information security and scenarios of risks.
  • An information security strategy and an information security policy through controls aligned with your business
  • An information security strategy and an information security policy through controls adapted to your organization culture.


We understand your needs: The stakeholders of the information security strategy in an organization (manager, security professionals, other employees) need to have a deliverable aligned with the business that it is supposed to protect through the protection of the organization’ information that gives meaning to the business. Moreover, for the efficiency of the deliverable, the stakeholders need to understand it and accept it in order to feel involved in it.


Our solution satisfies your needs: Business information risk manager (BIRMA) involves the business indicators since the beginning. So Cyber Security become part of the business and strongly linked to it.

And as the success of information security contributes to the success of the business, and the information security strategy depends on the involvement of the organization’s stakeholders, which involvement is found by adapting the security of the information to the stakeholders of the organization.

Business information risk manager (BIRMA) words Cyber Security strategies according to cultural indicators noted by the well-known researcher Geert Hofstede. This wording affects all aspects of the security strategy (roles and responsibilities, communication, organizational aspect).

// Business information risk manager

BIRMA, complies with several industry requirements, as well as the following control sets and frameworks: